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who we are

Conceived by 15 year old twin brothers, Rushil and Aarush Khanna, House of Udyog is a non-profit that procures recycled clothing material and turns them into trendy and fashionable, yet affordable, pret wear for young men and women across India. Endorsing the "Make in India" initiative of Prime Minister Modi, each piece of clothing is single artisan-made and provides a reliable livelihood for each of our in-house tailors. Although, currently, our team is small, with your support, we look forward to reducing our world's carbon footprint by sustainably designing clothing - one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions - while contributing to the economic upliftment of our underpaid artisans.

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what we do

The process of our recycled fabric - Once the knitting clips are collected, then the sorting is done colour wise, black, blue, orange and red, they are processed again into fibre. Since spinning alone of these does not regenerate fibre so regenerated polyester (made from recycled pet bottles example: mineral water, coke, plastic bottles) fibre is added as per the colour for the spinning process. This material is naturally recycled hence there is no chemical treatment. This material is called Melange Yarn and is one of the finest yarns for casual wear, it is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Certified. 

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  • To see young people embrace sustainability as a goal and use their creative and entrepreneurial talents to bring something like this to life is truly commendable. Small yet impactful, the House of Udyog venture symbolises what a strong will and sound intent can achieve! With best wishes for the future.

    - Vanita Uppal OBEDirector, The British School, New Delhi

  • Aarush and Rushil’s House of Udyog has found a sweet spot at the intersection of technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship. This synergy has the powerful ability to economically uplift communities while positively impacting the environment. Keep going!

    - Shiv Vikram Khemka, Vice Chairman, SUN Group and Executive Chairman at The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF)

  • Thank you House of Udyog, for paving the was towards sustainable fashion! Environmentally and socially conscious styles are key to achieving carbon-neutrality - way to go boys!

    - Rahul Khanna, Fashion Designer

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  • It is nothing short of remarkable what young Aarush and Rushil have achieved. Their “ House of Udyog” represents the very best of imaginative and responsible entrepreneurship, not only in India but the whole world. If you have not ordered T- shirts from their website, it’s high time you did so!

    - PradeepDubey, Leading Professor & Co-Director, Center for Game Theory, Stony Brook University; and Visiting Professor, Cowles Foundation, Yale University

  • The House of Udyog shirts that I have are comparable to similar products anywhere in the world. The fact that they have been made in such an environmentally friendly manner is truly commendable and must be supported. Hearty congratulations to Rushil and Aarush - thrilled to see your entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to make a difference at such a young age.

    - Vikram Gandhi, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, founder of impact investing firm Asha Impact and senior advisor to the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

  • I first came across House of Udyog at an entrepreneur fest in Mumbai in 2023. I was immediately impressed withAarushand Rushil’s vision for the enterprise - combining slow fashion with societal impact. I’ve loved my House of Udyog sweatshirt and look forward to this brand growing massively in coming years! .

    - Om Dhumatkar, Head of Commercial Propositions (MD) at Lloyds Banking Group London and Youtuber

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